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Sawako Nakamae noted

All good, tasty and original (in this part of the town), except the fried noodles. Those, you can find them everywhere and thus pointless to order them here. Love the skewered meat, but you must like spicy and salty food.

Jerg noted

Very nice chinese restaurant. Some of the surrounding restaurants seemed uncomfortably crowded, but this one - although quite full - had still free tables and the staff seemed relaxed. The owner(?) did not speak much English, but there was an English translation of the menu and she was very friendly and helpful. I took the S9 (with rice and a Coke zero) and it looked even better than expected. It was also very tasty. My only criticism is that I wanted the dish spicy. She insisted that I only take it "a little spicy". I indicated that I like proper spicy food, but I did not argue with her since sometimes Chinese food is indeed very spicy for Europeans. This, however, was not a little spicy. It was not spicy at all. Based on this, I should have probably ordered very, very spicy. That was a bit disappointing, but otherwise, I was happy with everything. The dish did cost 11€ + 2€ for rice and the Coke zero was 3,50.

Eduardo Blazquez noted

I have been for a week in Paris, and almost every night I have had dinner in here. While one of the waitress didn't speak much English, another one spoke to me in English and also the last day recommended me what to eat. The food is really nice, and much more original Chinese than other Chinese restaurants where I have been. After a couple of days they already treated me as if I were a client from long time ago. Very kind people, delicious food, and nice place. Whenever I return to Paris, I will return to this restaurant.

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