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Juntao DENG noted

It’s my second time to repurchase with my families and friends. Super delicious foods especially xiaolongbao, chicken and beef. The services are super well as well. I will definitely recommend this wonderful Chinese restaurant!!!

Michael Matalie noted

This is by far my favourite Chinese restaurant in Paris. It’s always a pleasure to come back here. Their riz du chef and poulet kung pao are just amazing, and the service is always great. I definitely recommend.

Ziyang Gao noted

I’ve been eating almost every evening at this restaurant in the last two weeks. Amazing how you don’t get tired of it! Honestly a top Chinese restaurant in the 13th arrondissement in Paris. The dishes are authentic and sometimes remind me of my hometown. I highly recommend the 辣子鸡 (poulet épicé) and 地三鲜(Di Sanxian), and 小笼包 (Xiaolongbao fait à la main) is also great.

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  • Mon - Sat : 11h30-14h50, 18h30-22h50
  • Sun: 18h30-22h50
  • Opens at 11:30

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